Plug Mobile – Get Me A Rabbit

Client: PlugTV
Brand/Topic: Plug Mobile
Date: 2006
Region: Belgium

Our mission
Promote the launch of the mobile service Plug Mobile in collaboration with Proximus.Raise brand awareness and collect a maximum of contact information.

Target audience
PlugTV audience in Brussels, Wallonia (Belgium)

Our concept
We created a funny advergame featuring two cached rabbits, a Plug TV rabbit and a Proximus rabbit. To illustrate the collaboration between the two brands we made the visitor open the cages. If he was lucky, the rabbits would “snuggled up” offering free Plug Mobile ringtones.The website featured an exclusive interview with the actor (the rabbit) and some making-of pictures.
We have to admit that the shooting was a pain. Trust us, the legendary stamina of rabbits is not quite true.

Media used

  • Website with contest
  • Seeding

Services provided

  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Web design and programming (in collaboration with Ebuco)
  • Audio visual production (in collaboration with Ebuco)
  • Account and project management