Mobistar – Guess The Catch-Phrase

Client: Mobistar
Brand/Topic: Mobistar ADSL
Date: 2006
Region: Belgium

Our mission
Create a viral campaign to announce a Mobistar ADSL promotion.

Our approach
We launched an advergame featuring two famous belgian humorists and actors, Frank Focketyn and St├ęphane Degroot. Both actors were already a guarantee for success. This game gave participants a chance to interact with both actors. In order to win loads of free gifts, one had to guess the catch-phrase the comedians should pass and this while carrying out an action you asked for previously. How would Frank Focketyn pronounce the phrase while doing karate. Or enjoy watching St├ęphane Degroot give away the phrase while drinking.

Media used

  • Campaign website
  • Banners
  • e-Mailing
Services Provided

  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Web design and programming
  • Movie production
  • Monitoring of online statistics
  • Account and project management (via Kunstmaan)