FedEx – Be a Superhero

Client: FedEx EMEA
Brand/Topic: FedEx Express / Shipping to the U.S. East Coast
Date: September 2008
Region: Europe, Middle-East and India

Our mission
Implement a USA East Coast promotional B2B campaign to increase sales and activate prospects.Increase service familiarity and customer experience perception

Target audience
Business – Existing Clients and Prospects in Europe and the Middle-East

Our approach
The campaign centred on a microsite that FedEx Express customers and prospects were invited to visit via a personalised direct mail piece. Once there, they saw a short movie which placed them in the role of a superhero saving the world from an invading alien. During the film, the visitor received an instant call on his/her mobile phone from a character in the movie looking for a solution to save the planet. The customer action (via the mobile phone keyboard) influenced the movie storyline and outcome.The campaign was accompanied by pan-European, above- and below-the-line activities in various channels, including web banners, outdoor and print advertising and e-mailing.

Media used

  • Website with unique access code and personalization, Instant Call and Sales Leads mechanism
  • Direct Mail piece with personalised code
  • Online advertising
  • Seeding (Video Sharing Websites, blogs)
  • E-mailing
  • Print Ads (magazine and newspaper)
  • Billboards (Message on billboards adapted to where they were placed)
  • Sales collateral
  • Dedicated East Coast search engine paid search
  • Public relations

  • Strategic and creative consulting
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Web design and programming
  • Movie scenario & production
  • Monitoring of online statistics
  • Pan-European account and project management