EWEA – A Breath Of Fresh Air

Client: EWEA (European Wind Energy Association)
Brand/Topic: Wind Energy
Date: 2010-2011
Region: Europe

Our mission
Communicate “wind” as a key technology and mainstream power source with three key advantages: security, economy and environment. The balance between entertaining/fun/memorable parts of the campaign and the rather serious audience needed special consideration. Develop clear basic explanatory material that offers the possibility to reach out for more info depending on interest and knowledge.

Target audience
The ideal audience was the worried pragmatist who wants to lead a responsible life without sacrificing too much of his lifestyle.The real target audience though were primarily European Union decision makers, but to be reached by communicating with opinion formers, journalists, people with a strong interest in climate and energy, and our own industry.

Our concept
To stand out we definitely wanted to step away from cliché campaign imagery and boring informative websites. The overall campaign problematic was covered by the slogan “Give Europe a breath of fresh air”. This slogan was translated in images of a toothpaste tube, a chewing gum pack and a box of mints. All three branded with the word “WIND”. To support the campaign we made a partnership with the brand FRISK, which helped us produce thousands of boxes with quality mints branded “WIND” instead of FRISK.We activated visitors on the campaign website via an original contest and via the use of social media. Visitors were invited to adopt a wind turbine in Europe and to get friends to vote for their turbine. The visitor could navigate on a Google map representing the ten thousands of wind farms and wind turbines. Participants could win a trip and visit the adopted wind turbine.

Media used

  • Audio visual presentation
  • Interactive kiosk on events
  • Goodies (in partnership with Frisk)
  • Billboards
  • Magazine ads
  • Leaflets
  • Website with contest
  • Online advertising: banners, Facebook ads
  • E-mailing

Services Provided

  • Strategic and creative consulting
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Desktop publishing
  • Web design and programming
  • Audio visual production
  • Monitoring of online statistics
  • Account and project management

Video: launch of the campaign in Warsaw, Poland.