Eurostar – Sunday Train

Client: Eurostar
Brand/Topic: Eurostar’s extra train on Sunday
Date: July 2010
Region: Belgium

Our mission
During the summer of 2010 Eurostar added one extra train to the timetable, on Sundays. Our mission was to promote this train. The reason why for the traveller was clearly the price.

This extra train would only be available during July and August. So we had to come up with a campaign fast, one that could generate returns fast.

Target audience
People looking for a day trip or a shifted weekend trip to London during the summer.

Our approach
The summer of 2010 presented some major events: the FIFA wold cup, Tour de France, Wimbeldon, Sailing championship. Heaven for the majority of men, hell for most of the women. Both keen on enjoying their Sunday, men would rather stay at home and watch the game while women would do anything to escape.

The concept “Don’t touch my Sunday” was born. Men could finally enjoy their game, while women could jump on the Sunday train to do some shopping in London.

Via a Facebook page, women could remind their partner about the upcoming game and even invite his friends to come over. It would make the credit card bill easier to digest! Men could kindly invite their partner to leave the coach to him and his friends.

We kicked off the campaign via an emailing to Eurostar’s newsletter subscribers and an extra tab on Eurostar’s Facebook page. The Facebook page was divided into two distinct parts, one for men, one for women. Each part featured a series of e-cards which could be shared (pink ones could be sent by women, blue ones by men). Visitors were invited to create their own slogan. An agenda kept both parties posted on upcoming Sunday news.

The campaign was promoted via Facebook Ads and banners on a selection of websites.

Media used

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Ads
  • Banners
  • E-mailing
Services Provided

  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Web design and programming
  • Monitoring of online statistics
  • Account and project management