Cherry and Cake joined forces with VOICE

On 1 February 2017, the two agencies became one. With this marriage between two complementary partners, Cherry and Cake’s creativity strengthens Voice’s conversational offer.

For nearly 10 years, Voice has built its experience and reputation for projects based on high-quality content and online, social media and social PR expertise. As for, Cherry and Cake, it was known for its creativity on all platforms. They were fated to come together.

Founded in 2006, Cherry and Cake specialised in advertainment and brand engagement. Its multimodal, multi-platform approach juggled media and technology to generate maximum impact. Worked and still does for brands such as Eurostar, Century 21 Benelux among others

Sven Nijs will be acting as General Manager/Creative Director, Serge Somerling will take on the role of Client Service Director. Sven and Serge have become shareholders at Voice.

Convers(at)ion becomes our credo

Nowadays, to improve a brand’s leadership and performance, conversation is the path to conversion. In other words, establishing a privileged link between brands and consumers will bring them on board and create brand loyalty. This approach relies heavily on creativity and is exactly what makes Cherry and Cake’s merger with Voice make sense.

Want to find out more and meet our new colleagues? Let us know and we’ll organise a small meeting or lunch so that you can find out more about the convers(at)ional approach espoused by Voice.

Interesting times ahead!

The Cherries

Ufo by ©Cherryandcake