Cherry and Cake is an entertaining advertising agency founded in 2006 and based in Belgium. We specialize in building effective cross-media campaigns and one-of-a-kind brand-consumer experiences to help your brand connect with people in motion in an ever-evolving media landscape. We can help you integrate interactive billboards, radio and tv commercials, viral movies, advergames and online contests, websites, social media activations and community management, facebook apps, ipad and iphone apps, events and street guerrilla, e-mailing and direct mails. And... generate buzz! If you are looking for a original campaign that combines online and offline media, contact us.

Our Approach

We consider every touch point as an opportunity to interact, engage, and build a relationship with your audience, 365 days a year.

Our Services

At Cherry and Cake we don’t offer a menu of services. We construct campaign structures that provide a solid framework into which we pour the building blocks.

The Team

We understand the importance of mastering all disciplines to stay one step ahead. We are well connected in the industry.


In 2010 and 2011 Cherry and Cake was awarded several times and made it to the shortlist of the Cannes Lions 2011.